Walayar Dam 2020: All you need to know before you visit

Walayar Dam

A touchdown indeed when you are plying from Kerala to Coimbatore, you stop by the long wide roads, with lush green layers on both sides for a hot cup of coffee and that’s when you know its Walayar you have chosen for your break. But Walayar is much more than the hot coffees and a snack counter for the trucks passing by,it is so rich in character that only the local people know about its true shades. So this time you will get to know better about Walayar dam and things you can do there. Perhaps I was always intrigued by the fact that Walayar has always been overlooked while anyone talks about the list of things to do in Coimbatore or Palakkad. Maybe it’s about time we pay back the long held tribute by letting everyone know the other side of Walayar and its dam.

Where exactly is Walayar located?

Walayar Dam

Now we are talking about the real showstopper of this beautiful developing town, the Walayar dam is a tributary of Kalpathipuzha constructed in 1964 across the Walayar River. The bigger reservoir is capable of holding impeccable levels of water but due to the present scarcity of water, the levels are often less when compared to its size. Nevertheless it offers an unmatched bird’s eye view over the scenic terrains of the town and tantalizingly laid out sky above.


There are so many hidden destinations at Walayar that need more than just a day trip to unravel, so we got you covered on your stay at the resorts in Walayar for the rest of your vacation.

The average water levels records at 196m


Take a look at the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the Dam 

  A quick snippet of the surreal expedition into the wilderness of Walayar from the charming roads of Coimbatore.

Walayar Dam Details

Official Name :

State :

Type of Dam :

Taluk :

Operated by :

Impounds :

District :

Catchment Area :

Lat/Long :

Total Capacity :

Height :

Length :

Opened In :

Straight gravity,masonry
Government of Kerala
Walayar River
106.35 sq. Km
10.838208, 76.853268
18.4 million m3
20.42 meters
1478.00 meters

The main purpose of the Walayar dam is for the irrigation around the small town and villages nearby that’s been operated by the government of Kerala. Small villages and people from that are being benefited from the water that’s been let out from the dam.

Though the dam is not so huge on the papers, it still offers you an unrivaled view of the green zone of Kerala and its melodic tone of climate that has its own mood. The average time you can take to spend at the dam is roughly around 2-3 hours.

The dam gifts us an uncompromised quality of ambiance as it’s nuzzled amidst a forest region. The Walayar dam could have been a better destination for tourists had the government shed lights into turning this into a recognized tourist destination.

As this place has a huge scope for development with trekking, boating and other fun activities since the place surrounding the dam is mostly void, free from any business activities. Carry your own food as dehydration is something you don’t want to see at some point like this where you can’t get a proper restaurant anywhere nearby.

The great banyan tree at the front seals the show for us the moment we step in, its lush, full of life and huge covering the entire space and offering you a neat place to lay back and chill out with your friends and family. The dam is often silent most of the time with very less numbers of visitors, now that’s a great deal for someone looking to take a card out from the busy city lifestyle.

There are perhaps other fun things to do around in Walayar once you are done checking out this extremely soothing place. Palakkad is under a 30 minutes drive from here, which is loaded to the brim when we talk about the tourist destinations to check out. There are also undiscovered gems in the very own Walayar which needs a bit of digging out work as most of the great places often don’t end up when we search them online.

There is a falls nearby, parks and dam at Palakkad as well. So next time when you are planning a trip to Walayar we got you all covered on where you can chose for an ideal stay and how you can make your planner ready for the perfect day out that’s sure going to carve a niche in your memory lane as well.

Walayar Tourism

Not many are aware of the fact that Walayar is perfect to the T when it comes to tourism. There are many places, waterfalls nearby some of which are restricted, and some of them are tailored to the perfection. There’s the deer park with exotic deer gazing at the backyard of the town, there’s the dam adoring the other end and with Palakkad at one end, you are never short of the fun factor this time. Do you really wish to unearth some of the lesser known yet beautiful places in Walayar? Then head over to the best tourist places in Walayar in a snap. 

But wait so many places to explore and yet you got only 24 hours to do so? Never mind sleep over at some of the best resorts in Walayar to enjoy the staycation to its fullest at a budget friendly price.