All You Need To Know About Siruvani Waterfalls For 2020

Siruvani Waterfalls
Coimbatore Waterfalls, Siruvani

An unreal beauty away from the noisy concrete world, with tall trees adorning the roads up the destination and small streams of water gushing down on either sides making it look like a door-way to heaven. Words fall flat while describing the surreal skin of Siruvani, the most commonly visited waterfalls and the spot with so many hidden layers and crests that travellers are yet to explore. The waterfall has long been serving the much required weekend getaway for the Kovai makkal since decades. So this blog is all about everything you need to know about Siruvani and dam before you visit in 2020.

Siruvani River

Siruvani River

It is a tributary of the Bhavani River which itself is a tributary of Kaveri River. The river doesn’t just end its serving boundaries with Coimbatore but also lends support to the Tirupur and Erode districts for agricultural purposes. The same reason why Tamil Nadu government gave Kerala the cold shoulders when they proposed an idea of constructing a check dam across the river as the former claimed that it would right away disrupt the water flow to other districts.

Unlike the Siruvani waterfalls, the Siruvani Dam however does not entertain any public visitors. Only the forest department and other officials are allowed into the premises which is located in Palakkad, right behind the waterfalls which share its leg in the Boluvampatti region of Coimbatore.

Road to Siruvani Waterfalls

Road to Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani waterfall, a beautiful silhouette work of the legendary Siruvani River, is 35kms away from Coimbatore. You can take up the Siruvani main road via Thondamuthur which boasts a decent traffic which will let you reach the main attraction in less than 45 minutes and also gives a good glimpse of the Karunya universities and garden. This road offers you better accessibilities to many shops and restaurants on either side letting you do some final hours shopping before entering the venture.

Another less popular route to outsiders and most used one for the locals is the divinely plush green road of Isha and Velliangiri. With an add-on of 2 or 3 extra miles approximately to the overall distance while compared to the former route, this one is free from speeding cars and bikes with zero traffic. And perhaps you can have a good peep into the surreal Adiyogi statue that’s gracing your way to the falls.

What you need to know

So once you reach the front gate, you need to sign up with forest officials up front dropping in every single detail from your friends and family accompanying you to the vehicle registration number you dropped by. There is an allocated fee for everything you carry right from camera to anything that doesn’t come under basic necessity.

Waterfalls timing and Fare

  1. The usual entry fare for an adult is Rs.50/- (prices may vary)
  2. The parking charges for 4 wheeler is again Rs.50/- per vehicle and Rs.20/- per 2 wheeler (prices may vary)
  3. Foods, plastic water bottles and any other plastic belongings and utilities are strictly prohibited.
  4. The timing for public viewing is between 10AM to 4PM.

Once you are done with the formalities, your actual trial to the waterfall begins. You can avail their shuttle service if you wish to, if you have kids or elderly always use the van service as the road up the falls is often bumpy. So after boarding their vehicle, you drive past 2 kms of deep Siruvani forest that looks divinely in every way possible, small streams flowing below, birds chirping around and nature harmonizing your soul with its voice.

Forest Siruvani

So once you decide to conquer the terrain by foot and get off the vehicle, you are straight away welcomed by the tall plush trees that looks super fresh, indeed a perfect place to snap quick pictures, there’s a hanging bridge in between the terrain roughly around 100mts, it needed a renovation work, still sceptical if it’s back for the public use.

Siruvani Falls Coimbatore

There is a watch tower too offering you an unrivalled bird’s eye view of the entire forest, a must check out point on your trial. So after a brief walk of 1kms roughly you get to the ever charming and glorious Siruvani waterfalls.

Siruvani waterfalls as said is one of the most common spots visited by tourists and locals alike to quench their thirst in summer. One of the coolest and breeziest destinations for you to take your friends and family for neat laid back experience to finally let their guard down on weekends. Also remember it’s a bit crowded during the weekends and you may not reserve the best seats in the pool.

 The water is an impeccable selling point of this place as it tends to be very chilled always, kicking off the summer heat blues the moment you take a dip in it. It is also refreshingly tasty considering the fact that it’s the second tastiest water of the world, we aren’t quite surprised. Despite being over crowded at times, you can still get a good experience with the overall trip as the area is huge and you can lay back anywhere you like, you can often spot some birds there as the place is covered by a perimeter of tall muscled trees to a radius that’s yet to be calculated.