Everything you need to know about Ukkadam


Let’s all admit it, we have all been at some point of our life stuck in the bustling streets of Town Hall wrapping our head around the final purchases during the festival weekends hoping the crowded roads would get any better. 

Well it’s 2021 now and Ukkadam hasn’t even lost half of that bustling charm as it used to have decades back then. Ukkadam is unarguably the most important commercial sector of Coimbatore, that’s close to Gandipuram. 

Well there is something more than just commercial, you got everything you need to know about Ukkadam right here.

Ukkadam Location

Ukkadam is located at 4.1kms away from Gandhipuram, sided towards the Kerala highways in Coimbatore. Ukkadam is much more accessible to nearby main spots like the Sungam bypass, Racecourse, Perur.

Ukkadam bus terminal is one among the seven major bus terminal points in Coimbatore. It connects major points in Coimbatore with buses plying round the clock. You can even board buses to Kerala straight from Ukkadam bus terminal.

Ukkadam is less than a kilometer away from Coimbatore central Railway station and takes less than a 5 minutes drive from here to reach the junction. It is an undeniable fact that Ukkadam of all the places in Coimbatore tops the list of one of the most accessible checkpoints in Coimbatore without breaking a sweat.

Ukkadam Lake

Ukkadam Lake

One thing that certainly flew much higher above the crowded streets and bustling traffic is undoubtedly the beautiful Ukkadam Periyakulam Lake that adds an aesthetical beauty to the outlook of this suburb.

However we could not help but notice that the lake has been losing its charm with the city failing to look after its important lake. It is quite deep recording a depth of around 20ft which is impressive for a 0.500 sq mi area. The lake is given life by canals from the Noyyal river. 

One of the major activities here seems to be the fishing and yes that really brings out the flavours in Ukkadam. The fishing culture started way before the city commission took over the lake way back in 2010. What you get is a never ending list of fishes that goes right on sale after being caught near the banks on the side ways.

Apart from fishes there are close to around 48 species of birds making this their temporary home during the months before March and April. Purple moorhen, painted storks are some of the indigienous birds found in the lake.

Ever since the sidewalks came under the city’s ambitious Smart city project, it has taken the lake for a radical makeover with glittering lights adorning the streets and stone benches and seat set ups that puts you comfortably in a place that offers the lake’s exquisite view from the sides.

The park-like set up was unveiled somewhere around last year but with still major makeover works going underway. Maybe what we will get to see in a few months will be the first of a kind in Coimbatore owing to the fact that the city has never really adorned the water bodies in it never before.

Ukkadam Market

Ukkadam Market

Just behind this smart city setup appears the always bustling and crowded fish and meat market that has the crowd going berserk during the weekends. The traffic around here comes to a standstill during weekends when Ukkadam will be flocked by people all around the city to get fresh fishes and other meat varieties here for arguably a better price compared to the rest.

You will be exposed to different varieties of fishes here as all are mostly freshly caught fishes, buyers seem to show intense interest in getting these for sure.

Apart from the fish market, there is also a bird market. No this is not where you expect a food stall or butcher set up, this is more of a pet store kind of layout where you can get birds as pets ranging from a normal finches to even exotic types of birds like the African love birds. 

It surely does add a different vibe to the Ukkadam market with color birds adorning the shops and all those bird chirping sounds heaving a sigh of relief amidst the crowded marketi.

The bird market is an important place in Ukkadam with people all over the city checking this place out regularly.

Book market Ukkadam

Book Market

If you are somewhere glued to your books and in desperate search for a new one to start over, head straight over to the book market in Ukkadam. Right from normal literature to novels, this place has got it all in their shelves, some of which are even from a rare tribe of collections.

Apart from the novels, the markets also have an impressive list of books for educational purposes for both schools as well as colleges alike. From entrance exams to board exams, it’s quite a usual sight here looking at students engaging more during the times of exams on the lookout for the books.

There is also a book fair to spice things up, a tradition that has been going on for 25 years without a hurdle which has also got an immense support from the crowd. 

The list definitely doesn’t justify the true character of Ukkadam and why it plays a major role in shaping up the commercial element of Coimbatore. Will be back for another interesting take on Ukkadam next time. Stay tuned.