Everything You Need to Know About Saravanampatti

Saravanampatti to Coimbatore is what Silicon Valley is to California. And no, we haven’t gone overboard with that statement too. No other place in Coimbatore has undergone a major changeover in the last decade as much as the Saravanampatti did. 

Thanks to the birth of new IT companies, the surge in urbanization has been rapid and most of them have been a forever change instead of just flying high with the trend. This space is all you need to know about Saravanampatti and what it’s famous for.

Saravanampatti Location

What makes Saravanampatti is obviously the location. It is considered to be one of the most aerial roads of Coimbatore. It is located near the lines of the Sathyamangalam highways and is close to the likes of important connects in Coimbatore like Gandhipuram, Airport, Thudiyalur and Peelamedu. It is around 8kms from Gandhipuram and the same from the airport as well.

The roads are pretty clean and wide and houses more shops than any other places in the city. The inauguration of Prozone mall in 2017 made it much more obvious that Sarvanmapatti is the latest to join the party in Coimbatore.

Colleges in Saravanampatti

Thanks to the colleges, IT companies were much more interested to invest a hefty money here for their first venture in Coimbatore. There are around a staggering 12 colleges situated near Saravanampatti. The list includes all types of colleges from Engineering to arts and even a nursing college. 

The most popular of the lot seems to be the KCT college of Technology, which happens to be in the top leagues of finest colleges, not just in Coimbatore but the whole of Tamil Nadu as well. The college is located on the main roads connecting to Sarvanampatti and is one of the most sought after engineering colleges in Coimbatore.

If KCT takes away the throne for the engineering kingdom, we got something special for the arts colleges as well, Yes, the KG college of arts and science. The college is under 1 km from both KCT and Saravanampatti as well. It is easily one of the best arts colleges of Coimbatore as they have high standards of quality education and high principal standards set by the management.

They got a rather impressive schools portfolio as well. As the numbers comfortably surpass the college’s number and sit perfectly well at 18 total numbers. Yes you read that right, there are a whopping 18 schools nuzzled in and around Saravanampatti. 

These schools are all set high on standards and premium educational quality, producing students every year who come out successful personalities rightfully molded for colleges.

IT Zone in Coimbatore

More the colleges, more the IT companies. The birth of new colleges has called for a fleet of new as well as popular IT companies to parade their way to Coimbatore. The total number of IT companies in Saravanampatti is much higher than the total of IT companies in other places of Coimbatore combined. Why is that?

The location and remote access granted to the companies to hire students directly from the colleges which is obviously soothing out what will be otherwise a much stressful process. 

Most of the IT companies are located in CHIL SEZ IT park which is located in Keeranatham. Keeranatham is an integral part of the Saravanampatti which was relatively unknown to the outside world prior to the intervention of the IT campus.

After the IT park stepped on the lands of Keeranatham, the place has undergone a drastic makeover overnight with large plots of land sold in a flash, with many luxury villas and apartments storming the scenes, all because of the IT parks.

The popular CHIL SEZ IT park houses some of the big names in the name like the Robert Bosch, Cognizant and Amazon, a first of its kind in Coimbatore. Cognizant occupies the larger quota of the park, with 2 to 3 buildings predominantly occupying the main area with over thousands of employees working day in and out.

Other than the CHIL SEZ Campus there are other two prominent IT parks in Saravanampatti, KCT IT Park and KGISL IT park as well. Each IT park hosts startups as well as technological giants in the business as well. The employment ratio has gradually risen ever since the IT companies stomered the scene. 

Apart from these, Coimbatore is on the verge of becoming the next big thing on the IT market as Bannari groups are going to invest a whopping 1200 crores for an undisclosed project as well as the KG groups. 

Being close to both Gandhipuram and Airport has its own perks as well. Namely the hotel business as Saravamapatti is being close to both the important terminals of Coimbatore, the place boasts of a handful of impressive range of hotels nuzzled around here.

Though there are no bigger names toggling around the table, there are still quite a list of few small hotels that can very well stand out from the rest with their tantalizing luxury flavour teased around like a perfect seasoning. 

The Holiday Residency and Acacia Park have both been serving as the gateway for a comfortable stay. Both offer affordable stay at an uncompromised luxury quotient as well as a great range of amenities. 

These are the best things about Saravanampatti. An undying fact that Saravanampatti has now slowly turned out to be the hot and happening places in Coimbatore has got us all pumped up for what’s awaiting in the near future.

If the proximity to airport wasn’t just enough to elevate Saravanampati, there is a never ending list of things to do in Saravanampati, just in case if you are wondering for a perfect weekend plan here .

For starters the place is equipped with a host of highly recommended restaurants.If that wasn’t going to ignite your senses, we know what will, the prozone mall in Saravanampati with its fair share of food court