Everything You Need to Know About Peelamedu


Unarguably one of the important and impeccable parts of Coimbatore, Peelamedu is where the city’s true beauty unfolds with its serene location and always busy roads with charming people. Peelamedu is one of the oldest residential areas in Coimbatore and it’s safe to say that the city has taken a radical makeover in the last decade thanks to the IT revolution in this area as well as the inception of TIDEL park. How well do you know Peelamedu? Well it’s time to find out all you need to know about Peelamedu and its specialities.

Peelamedu Location

Peelamedu is located in the Eastern side of Coimbatore. It is located at 7kms from Gandhipuram and is well connected through a number of buses plying continuously. It is at 10kms away from Ukkadam and it is connected by a decent number of buses from point to point. It is just 4.8kms away from Singanallur and is less than a 15 mins drive from the main junction.

Peelamedu is a touchdown for the Avinashi highways and is considered to be one of the prominent factors in connecting the important routes in Coimbatore. It is situated at 4.1kms from Coimbatore International Airport. The long stretchy road is loaded to its brim with a host of restaurants and other commercial shops and outlets here.

There is also a Railway station nuzzled in the center of Peelamedu junction.

Industries in Peelamedu

Peelamedu is one of the busiest commercial regions of Coimbatore joining the likes of much crowded commercial places like Gandhipuram and Townhall. Thanks to much wider roads and neatly laid out traffic routes, the traffic congestion is much lesser even when the pavement sides are filled with a string of shops.

Majority of the textile industries are incepted here along with a list of motor and other steel industries. There are a decent number of foundries and pump industries and shops hidden deep within the roads of Peelamedu junction. 

Fun Mall, Peelamedu

Fun mall serves as the much needed break from the bustling busy livelihoods of Peelamedu. It was the second mall to venture into the scenes in Coimbatore and has ever since been a great place to chill up with friends and families.

Fun mall has been the go-to destination for college students from colleges nearby. The 3.2 lakh sq.ft mall has an impressive lineup of multi brand showrooms and an exquisite food court at the top floor. The mall is known to host some of the most hot and happening events in the city from flash mobs to met gala events.

There are also 5 screen multiplex cinemas upstairs to provide a great sense of entertainment. All the screens are neatly maintained that could house an impressive number of spectators.

Speaking about cinematic experiences, Peelamedu is known for its fair share of cinema theaters like the KG cinemas in race course that has been serving as the go-to destination for a decent movie watching experience up until the inception of Fun cinemas but hey we ain’t complaining for sure.

Hospitals in Peelamedu

Hospital in Peelamedu

Peelamedu has been home to some of the best hospitals in Coimbatore. PSG hospitals is one of the popular hospitals not just in Coimbatore but the whole of Tamil Nadu and even for neighbouring places like Palakad, Tirupur and Erode.

Thanks to the decades old legacy of higher success rates with delivering higher standard treatments to their patients, PSG stands tall among the other hospitals. It also acts as a top landmark for most of the people in Peelamedu with prominent name boards put up in major parts of the road.

Apart from PSG hospitals, Peelamedu also has an impressive list of hospitals and pharmacies well within a 4 kms radius, consider Coimbatore Medical college that has been one of the longest serving hospital of Coimbatore or the much popular Aravind Eye Hospital that has seen its fair share of popularity soaring high in neighbouring states as well. This is very much evident with the number of check-ins from Kerala and other neighbouring cities of Coimbatore. 

Colleges and schools in Peelamedu

Peelamedu Colleges

Peelamedu perhaps goes neck-to-neck with Saravanampatti in this aspect but the former has been in this race for a very long time and has an impressive line up of colleges than the latter making it the real educational hub of Coimbatore.

For starters, PSG groups have made Peelamedu their home with an exception of PSG arts college that’s inclined more towards the airport but that’s under 5kms from here as well. The prestigious PSG college of technology making this their forever home. That’s not it, there is also the PSG college of Polytechnic and PSG schools making it to the big league.

There’s Krishnammal college that’s exclusive for the girls just near the Fun mall making it one of the best colleges for women in all of Coimbatore and cities nearby. And just outside the tiny radius is a host of other colleges making it to the list with everything under a 15 minutes drive from the Peelamedu like the PSG arts and science college, Coimbatore institute of Technology, Coimbatore medical college and GRD arts college along with a list of few schools.

All the colleges and schools are well connected with a series of private and public buses plying continuously from point to point round the clock. The colleges and schools in Peelamedu are quite popular in the neighbourhood with loads of students joining the premises every year from the neighbourhood and Nilgiris district as well.

The colleges and schools are all a treat to the eyes with their impressive infrastructure and highest standards of education provided to them. With the inception of TIDEL park near the Hope colleges has paid a decent employment ratio in this region as well.

TIDEL Park in Coimbatore has a decent line up of popular IT companies like Payoda, Wipro, Skava, Owler etc. This has in fact brought in the much needed makeover to Peelamedu in the last decade with this suburban scaling all the points possible to look ultra sleek and stylish with its outlook.

Peelamedu is undeniably a favorite place in Coimbatore for most of the local people here. You don’t have to be a resident here to feel the ultra blissfulness this place has to offer. Let alone the commercial streets, Peelamedu is equally impressive and lovely with its chain of ultra sophisticated residential areas that are deep hidden within Peelamedu.Watch this space for more amazing news and travel places in Coimbatore.