Attapadi: Everything you need to know about

How far would you go to indulge into some pristine trees hovering over you for an unreal experience? Well not really that far  if you are from Coimbatore. Am I talking about Ooty? Nope, but a lesser known hidden gem, Attapadi. A surreal reserve forest at just 57kms from Coimbatore. If you are planning to tame the hills of Attapadi, then this spot is everything you need to know about Attapadi.

Attapadi hills- reserve forest


No one can really forget about the iconic night shots in the recent Malayalam sensational movie Ayyappanum Koshiyum which used the hills of lesser explored Attapadi as its backdrop. Though definitely not the first student to use the hills for its exam (movie) but this movie stands odd from the lot as it milked the best of Attapadi with exploring its rawness and culture.

It is a protected area with tribal people in Mannarkkad Taluk in Palakkad district of Kerala sprawling over a huge 249km of land. Being one of the several reserved forests of India, it is a mountain valley at the headwaters of Bhavani river with the exquisite Niligiri hills of Western Ghats adorning above.

Attapadi nestles at 2,460ft above sea level and the fresh breeze stands as evidence for the altitude. Illegal poaching is forbidden here as the road to Silent Way is just adjacent to the hills of Attapadi and there are officials patrolling the ranges constantly on the lookout for trespassers to take them down.

Attapadi to Coimbatore and Palakkad

Coimbatore graces the east side of Attapadi while the south is conquered by Palakkad. Two different states bordering sure comes with its bounty of add ons as Attapadi is a clubbing of two different cultures right from the food they eat to the language they speak, if someone has an eye for detail that the chances of them missing out on the prominent shades of Tamil and Malayalam essence paired together are wafer slim.

Coimbatore is 57 kms away from Attapadi. The nearest bus terminal to touch Coimbatore is Anaikatti bus point at 30kms. There are several KSRTC buses plying every hour making the journey easy on our clock as it roughly takes an hour and half to penetrate through the misty Anaikatty hills.

The South star Palakkad is just 37kms from Attapadi and there is a never ending list of buses taking off from the town every 15 minutes. You can check with the KSRTC portal to zero in on your timing preferences.

Attapadi tourist places

Attapadi tourism

A flamboyant green skin gracing melodically on both sides that makes everyone skip a beat the moment they get to witness the ‘god’s own country’ justifying the name tag as it takes a godly work to sketch down something as heavenly as this. None of the above words can’t be something overboard as words fall flat, penning down this beauty.

Attapadi forest

What makes Attapadi even more gorgeous is the tourist places that haven’t been exposed to human traces as much as the other mainstream tourist destinations. Well one place that has been grabbing everyone’s attention off lately is the iconic Silent Valley National park, a pristine looking natural rain forest on the lines of Nilgiri hills of Western Ghats. 

One of the last remaining rainforests of India, Silent Valley is under surveillance round the clock as this places houses to some of the most exotic birds, animals and indigineous plants. Hovering over 90km landscape with a buffer zone of 148km, this Park was first explored it 1847 by Botanist Robert Wright stating the place is rich and exquisite in its flora.

Silent Valley

The National Park was set up in mid 1980 to protect it from hydraulic projects. If you are looking to dive into the lush green zone of Silent Valley park, then have a word with the forest officials upfront or get your booking done in their official sites.

Silent Valley boasts of some amazing view points and mellow streams of river gushing over the rocks, Kunthi river is one such view point where the word exquisite takes a whole new level of meaning. There are watch towers on your way inside the forest that offers a great panoramic view of the rainforest and also lets you take a quick glance of the wildlife if you are lucky.

Apart from bird watching, there are other activities like hiking and the off road safari that gives out an unparalleled feel of getting under the skin of nature like never before. Watch this space for more exciting tourist places near Attapadi.

Resorts in Attapadi

Attapadi Resort

A great staycation calls for an even greater place for stay. And when we rightfully bring in Attapadi to the equation, the wow factor should run over the resorts you pick for your stay as well. With Palakkad, Coimbatore and Anakatti neighbouring here, you can possibly never go short on your choices of resorts to choose from, not even in your nightmares.

One such resort that seems to be taking away the limelight turns out to be SR Jungle Resort. A newbie that has set the scenes on fire with its unique appeal towards clubbing nature and staying together to echo out a blissful vibe. The hills at the backdrop add to the beauty quotient of the already gorgeous looking resort.

SR jungle resort

SR Jungle Resorts offer a huge list of activities themselves to choose from, with beautiful upkept rooms adding the cherry on top. The price factor is justified if you are looking for a great place to stay that doesn’t let go off quality for a toss.

If you are interested in checking out the other options to stay in Attapadi, click to know the best resorts in Attapadi.

Attapadi is truly a hidden gem that needs to be explored in real time rather than just reading a blog to unfold its pinnacle. So pack your stuffs and step out for a wild time of the year but make sure to come back for more exciting blogs we got cooking for you. Happy Staycation!