All You Need to Know about Singanallur

Singanallur is one arguably one of the most prominent commercial areas of Coimbatore. Taking away this off the equation might receive a huge blow to commercial happenings in Manchester city. 

But why is Singanallur so hard to ignore ? Singanallur has long been the point of contact between Coimbatore and other major districts from down south. Let’s know more about Singanallur and the list of things you should know about this place.

Singanallur Location

Singanallur Location

Singanallur is located towards the Trichy road in Coimbatore and is approximately around 10kms from Gandhipuram and around 7kms from Railway station.  The Coimbatore International Airport, which is approximately 7Kms or less than a 20 minutes drive from here.

Singanallur Lake

Singanallur Lake

Even before the malls stormed the tourism scenes in Coimbatore, Singanallur lake and boating were one among the very few amusements for the people of Coimbatore back then. The lake and boat house used to see flocks of enthusiastic tourists rushing towards the entrance to get a glimpse of what was once a beautiful looking melodic lake.

The place was very popular for hosting boating and other fun events back when Coimbatore really needed a break from VOC park and Circuses hoisted near that. Singanallur lake filled in the much bigger void of a proper water body to entertain the guests. 

But now the conditions had gone berserk thanks to poor maintenance and no proper upgrades in the tourism field.

The lake however seems pretty good even after years of negligence and poor draining facility. The lake house has an impressive depth of 13ft and is sprung across 1.153 km2

It is one of 9 large lakes in Coimbatore and considerably used to be one of the best too. The lake is indeed powered by Coimbatore’s very own Noyyal river. The Singanllur lake is known for its wide range of butterflies and other exotic birds as one can usually see tonnes of birds flocking together during the season. 

Couple that with an eccentric sunset and there goes everything you need to ignite a mood of tranquility and vibe. There are a total of over 110 species of local as well as exotic birds. 

Another exquisite scene seems to be the lone railway track passing over that connects irugur and Podanur through the melodic streams of this lake. The Lakehouse is now under constant renovation process to bring back the glorious days back to its life. This will again see more number of tourists flocking the lake again.

Singanallur Bus Terminal and Railway station

Singanallur Bus Stand

Singanallur bus terminal is the largest bus terminal in Coimbatore coming close to the likes of Ukkadam and Gandhipuram. In Fact it’s the Singanallur that predominantly connects a lot of southern parts of Tamil Nadu, more precisely the Kongu Mandalam.

It is safe to say that Singanallur bus terminal is the face of Singanallur in every sense. It is nuzzled at the southern end of Kamraja road and is exactly half a kms away from the prominent Trichy road. 

It was erected during the early half of 2002 in an effort to curb the treacherous bus journey and congestion at Gandhipuram. It has served its purpose right as this has filled in a much bigger gap between Sitra and Gandipuram and acts as the perfect touchdown between these two powerhouses. 

The bus terminal connects major places like Palladam, Trichy, Madurai, Theni, Rameshwaram, Nagercoil and Dindigul. The bus terminal is located at 12kms from Gandhipuram bus terminal and 8kms from Ukkadam bus point as well. 

Singanallur railway station is a suburban railway station in Coimbatore and is located between Irugur and Peelamedu.

Restaurants in Singanallur

Being in one of the most important commercial places in Coimbatore calls for a list of different types of restaurants to try. Singanallur doesn’t disappoint us in that way as this place is decorated with a host of best tasting vegetarian restaurants as well as non-vegetarian restaurants offering mouth watering foods here

Speaking about cinematic experiences, Singanallur is known for its fair share of cinema theaters some of which are new and some of which are extremely old dating back to decades earlier. 

Miraj cinemas is one such multiplex theatre that saw its great unveil just days back to an overwhelming crowd who were all smiles to welcome the first multiplex theatre in their hood.

Stick along as we are going to unlock several other interesting things about Singanallur and places nearby.